Wild EDER | YouTube-Kitchen

Chef and hotel owner Stefan Eder, ‘Austrias Henssler’ shows how everyone can create a perfect roast crust. Rock’n’roll kitchen!

RAE GARVEY | Get loud! Tour 2017

10 call-to-action teasers for the 2017 Rae Garvey Tour on Facebook.
Check out: https://www.facebook.com/ReaGarvey


“Chicago – A Legal Affair” is set in one of Chicago’s biggest office skyscrapers of 1928, with young lawyer David aiming for the top of the career ladder in the time of prohibition and numerous court cases. But an “affair” confuses his career at the law firm’Preston & Mill’. A story about career, love, intrigue and above all betrayal.

Summit 4 Kids

This competition announced by Deutsche Telekom in the ‘Teachtoday’ initiative culminated in the “Summit 4 Kids” in Bonn on November 15, 2015. Here, the winners were selected and the responsible use of digital media was deepened once again in a workshop.
Part of the presentation was not only a discussion of the results on stage, but also a video Statement in which representatives of the winning classes presented their concept to the audience.
All information about the initiative, the competition and the winners can be found on the campaigns Website.