LOKO.FILM now post-produces nationally and on a larger scale. Through the HIP HUB platform, we offer existing and future clients cloud-based collaboration on video projects for TV, cinema and online. HIP HUB offers the technical solution of a high-performance network environment for real-time collaboration of teams of any size. LOKO.FILM takes care of the organisational implementation for you, including material workflows and team control.

Webseries – Chamäleon Theater Berlin

Part 2 of the web series #ZIRKUSBEGEGNUNGEN presents the circus company CIRCA! from Brisbane in Australia. They will be showing 4 guest performances at CHAMÄLEON between September and December 2021. #chameleonproductions # HIPHUB #Circa!ContemporaryCircus

SAT1 Game-Show “99 to beat”

On 9 July, the new game show “99 – Eine:r schlägt sie alle” (99 to beat) starts on SAT1 and JOYN with editing by LOKO.FILM. In 99 rounds of games consisting of a mixture of knowledge, skill and sports duels, one candidate must prove himself as an all-round talent and gradually beat all the others. #SAT1 #JOYN #Fabiola

KPMG Financial Services – Imagefilm

Inspire. Change. Deliver. This is the motto of the new image film for KPMG Financial Services, with which the leading auditing and advisory firm is approaching clients this year. #kpmg #datelD