The Voice of Germany 2020

Next thursday, the 8th of octobre the candles will be blown out… or ignited – depending on. THE VOICE OF GERMANY starts into its 10.season. Happy birthday and congratulations to this lasting success. It was  fun sitting at the birthday table and editing the blind auditions. All the best! #TalpaGermany #Pro7 #SAT1

Creative Bureaucracy Festival (Remote 2020)

Today launches the „Creative Bureaucracy Festival 2020“. Sounds like an oxymoron but actually it’s a top class international event around issues of modern administration in a digital world. #LO|KO|FILM contributed several films an motion graphics. #AttentionMedia #CreativeBureaucracy

Match! (aka Celebs Go Dating) airs on RTL2

Next monday at 8:15 p.m.  the “new” dating show „MATCH“ aka “Celebs go dating” premieres on german RTL2. On the following  four mondays the seasons first episodes run at primetimetime.  #LO|KO|FILM had a leading role in editing the copycat from UK for the german market. #TOWERProductions #RTL2