The daily entertainment magazine “KLUB” with Julia Krüger as presenter (formerly JOIZ) has been running on RTL2 since Monday.

Services: program teaser, dubbing and other post-production Services.

DUDEN series

For the Duden Institute we realized this “What-you-always-wanted-to-know-about-reading-spelling-weakness”-series. From formatting and scripts to animation and sound.
The institutes specialize in the therapy of children with learning deficits, which seem to be more and more widespread. Therefore they roll out this campaign on the well-known social media sites.

These are the first two of 5 animated clips that will be distributed peu-á-peu in the coming weeks.

W2 budget book 3

In the third and last week, our budget-book-guides drew a close: How expensive is my life? How much do I have to earn each month to maintain my standard of living? Do my career aspirations, my salary and my expenses match!?

W2 budget book 2

The budget book is maintained diligently. In the second week, our test persons determined the fixed costs for their monthly Household.

W2 budget book

The self-experiment for 8 young pupils and students has started. The team documents its finances for one month in an app and via video, audio and photo.

We started with the daily cash expenses.