W2 budget book 2

The budget book is maintained diligently. In the second week, our test persons determined the fixed costs for their monthly Household.

W2 budget book

The self-experiment for 8 young pupils and students has started. The team documents its finances for one month in an app and via video, audio and photo.

We started with the daily cash expenses.

SCHUFA economic workshop | W2 budget book

The ‘Wirtschftswerkstatt’ budget book

Call-to-action video for the User Generated Content Campaign of the Wirtschaftswerkstatt (an initiative of the SCHUFA).

Production period: beginning of April to end of May 2015

Agency: helliwood media & education

Dobrowski – The Intro

Intro for the branded mini-series¬† “Dobrowski – A ‘NO’ is Always a ‘YES’ but different” with Christoph Drobig and Britta Steffenhagen.